How to Communicate in Your Marriage

Helping Seekers with Their Marriage Online

So, you're looking for ways to have positive communication in your marriage. Don't worry! Millions of couples are searching for answers to this topic. The truth is, you and your spouse have a crazy amount of differences that make it seem like you both are speaking other languages. But the question is, can you enjoy those differences? Come listen to how the Bible addresses our differences and how you can step into a Biblical perspective of seeing your spouse that'll invite good communication between the two of you.

How to Communicate in Your Marriage

Addressing the Keyword "Marriage"

We wrote several scripts addressing the keyword "marriage." In this first one, we helped Seekers address the subtopic of "How to Communicate in Your Marriage" in which we find that God is the one who gives us a right understanding of, not only who we are, but who our spouse is—created in the image of God. And by knowing God as our creator and seeing your spouse in that light, seekers can begin to build respect for their spouses which creates positive communication.