The Holy Spirit

Helping Seekers Know The Holy Spirit

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Now, Father and Son we understand because we may have some framework of understanding those relationships. But God the Holy Spirit, there's a lot of confusion on who he is and what his role is in our lives. Listen as Pastor Michael addresses those very questions directly and how by having a relationship with the Holy Spirit can empower us to live the life that Jesus lived.

The Holy Spirit

Addressing the Topic of "The Holy Spirit"

Our North America team took a trip to the center of The Golden State (Exeter, CA) to interview one of our church pastor's and his interactions with seekers online through our CV Outreach platform. While there, Pastor Michael helped us address several topics: the Gospel, Forgiveness, and the role of the Holy Spirit. This video on the Holy Spirit has been helping seekers online address who he is, his role in the Godhead and our lives, and how he empowers us to live the life that Jesus lived through a relationship with God himself.