What is Passover?

Helping Seekers Discover Easter

Who celebrates the Passover and what is it anyways? Well, it's a 3,500+ year-old celebration of when God delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. (You know, you've probably seen the movie.) But is there more to it? Well, it turns out that Christians also partake in the Passover whenever they take what's called Communion together. So, is there be a greater meaning to the symbolism of this celebration? Come listen as we explore more about the deeper meanings behind the Passover celebration!

What is Passover?

Addressing Easter Keywords Online

Our team in North America found that, though many people were at least somewhat familiar with the topic of Easter, many more weren't familiar with the holidays leading up to and surrounding the holiday. This is the next video in a line of several that address the reason for the celebration behind Easter.