How to Fill the Void

Helping Seekers Discover Happiness Online

Everyday we live our lives trying to be the best we can be. Having a successful career AND having a good social life creates a lot of pressure inside us. We go on and on trying to fill the void. Our lives seem to revolve around trying to find lasting happiness. Like a batter, not connected to a lasting charge, our lives drain. But today, God is inviting you to know and connect with him as the true source for our lives. And though that relationship, you'll begin to experience true joy. Come and listen as we explore this more!

How to Fill the Void

Addressing the Keyword "Happiness"

We wrote several scripts addressing the keyword "happiness." In this one, we helped Seekers address the subtopic of "feeling empty" or "How to Fill the Void" in which we talk about how having a relationship with God can only fill the void that we consistently try and fill with external circumstances, experiences, etc.