Restless at Night

Helping Seekers Overcome Restlessness Online

Are there things on your mind that keep you up late at night? Thoughts that never seem to let you rest? And all you want is to quiet your thinking. Is that too much to ask? Take heart! Because there is good news! God can help. Through the person and work of Jesus, you can begin to experience peace and "the peace of God... will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Take ground against the things that are keep you up at night. Come listen to learn more!

Restless at Night

Addressing the Keyword "Restlessness"

We wrote several scripts addressing the keyword "restlessness." In this one, we helped Seekers address the subtopic of "Restless at Night" in which we address the thoughts that keep us up at night as well as throughout the day. Restlessness is a huge problem for many people today, so this was our opportunity to address that reality with seekers who are looking for answers online and, today, they can begin to experience the peace that comes from walking in a relationship with Jesus.