How Can I Trust The Bible?

Helping Seekers Understand Key Truths About Christianity

All scripture is inspired by God and useful for living. In fact, the Bible is vital to life and faith growth! But in today's world, there are a lot of questions that seem to hinder us from engaging with the Bible. Questions like, "Who wrote it? Can I trust it?" and "Is it true?" are all good questions. The Bible was written to point us to God and to discover a relationship with God. And as you seek to understand the Bible, you'll begin to discover the power, truth, and reality that it contains within its pages. Come and listen as we explore reasons why you can trust the reliability of this incredible book!

How Can I Trust The Bible?

Addressing the Keyword "Bible Reliability"

We wrote several scripts addressing various keywords like "Bible reliability." In this one, we partnered with Pastor Daniel to help Seekers address the subtopic of "How Can I Trust The Bible?" in which he talks about what sort of writings are in the Bible as well as addresses key ways that seekers can begin to engage with it. By giving questions that they can ask, he helps them put down their own guards that would otherwise tempt them to engage it with their own biases. More importantly, he addresses why it was written.