How To Find Peace With God

Helping Seekers Discover Peace

The every day tasks of life can be overwhelming. Things like paying bills, managing family and a job can all weigh on us. Maybe on top of that you're experiencing a broken relationship, money problems, healthy issues, or trauma of some kind. How can you begin to experience peace with all of these things consuming you? In this video, Pastor Daniel explains that gratitude can bring contentment, and contentment can lead to peace. And what's more is that peace is found in the person and work of Jesus. Come listen as we explore this reality further!

How To Find Peace With God

Addressing the Keyword "Peace"

We wrote several scripts addressing various keywords like "peace." In this one, we partnered with Pastor Daniel to help Seekers address the subtopic of "How To Find Peace With God" in which Pastor Daniel addresses the things that can rob us of our peace and how gratitude leads to contentment, contentment leads to peace, and how peace can lead to overcoming fear through the person and work of Jesus Christ.