Middle of the Day [US Version]

Looking to kill time?

There are two things we want to share with you.
1. There is a Creator God that love you and cares intimately about you.
2. That statement might have brought up questions or emotions, and that's okay!
We want to connect you with someone who wants to walk you through what this means for your life and help you process through it,

Middle of the Day [US Version]

Localized from the CV UK

The idea for creating an video campaign for people looking to distract themselves during the day came from CV UK. This idea came from CVNA's Middle of the Night Video that was made for an audience who Google Searched topics about sleep during the middle of the night. It was hugely successful in generating responses and ITJs, so CV UK decided to try a video for people searching things in the middle of the day. This was also hugely successful and now CV NA has created this video as a localized version.