How to Heal After Divorce

Healing After Divorce | Mickie's Story

Mickie first met her husband in college through mutual friends. Their dating relationship was exciting as she quickly realized that they were clicking on all levels from faith to personal callings. But after many years of children, ministry, and work, Mickie began to notice that things were looking a little different as her husband began spending less and less time with them as a family.

Thousands of individuals are wrestling with how to heal after their divorce.

In this story, one woman's dependence on God, and the transformation she experienced through the person and work of Jesus Christ on the cross, enabled her to forgive her husband and provided the healing that she needed to move on after divorce.

How to Heal After Divorce

A Hurting People

Our North America team rightfully recognized that thousands of people search for questions about healing after divorce every month. With such a profoundly painful and lasting impact that divorce has on individuals and family units, we couldn't not tackle of the topic of healing after divorce.