Who's in the Room?

How to Talk About Jesus Online

Great communicators whether they’re preachers, comedians or motivational speakers will ‘read the room’ to ensure their message has the most traction in the hearts and minds of the audience.

If we want to add value to people’s lives with what we post and how we interact online, we need to be acutely aware of who is in our audience and what they believe.

Why not take some time to check out what you’ve posted and commented this week on your socials. Let’s be proactive in being empathetic towards our friends—especially those with a different perspective to our own—as we seek to sharpen our words to have traction in their hearts and minds as we encourage them on a trajectory towards Jesus.

Who's in the Room?

Spiritual Conversations Online

CV Australia's online response team has had tens of thousands of conversations with non-Christians across our online platforms, resulting in thousands of salvation. We wanted to distill their thoughts around how to have spiritual conversations online and introduce people to Jesus.