Missing You | Life After Losing A Loved One

Grief Takes Its Toll

This is life after losing a loved one. There's nothing more painful than coping with this new reality. Lying awake at night, missing them. Gone forever. Waking up remembering the loss and sadness, and trying to forget about it by endlessly scrolling social media or watching TV; but there's no escape.

Others may have seemed to move on, but when that person was once closely by your side, it can feel like there's no getting past the grief and mourning.

Watch how Jesus responds to messy grieving and loneliness. He doesn't say to keep moving forward. He sits with you, he weeps with you.

Missing You | Life After Losing A Loved One

CIS Video Localized & Repurposed Into An Animation

Originally, this video was North America's localized version of CIS's "I Lost My Beloved," known to North America as "I Lost The One I Loved." The original video is one of our top performed videos in our region, so we decided to repurpose it into an animated video to reach a broader audience. The only difference we included at the end was the presence of Jesus in the midst of grief, quoting verses from the Sermon on the Mount.