Cross Equals Love

Love. We all need it, and we're all searching for it. But what actually is love and what is its greatest expression? Would we recognise true love if we saw it?

What is love? Humanity has been pursuing this question since the beginning of time. We may think we want romance and nice feelings, but Jesus said and exampled that the greatest expression of love was sacrifice. Maybe we're pursuing the wrong thing. CROSS EQUALS LOVE Written by Joshua Luke Smith How long must we wander? To find our significance To hold that which remains. Love. Have we seen its fullest form? For how we seek, In shallow waters That which runs so deep. We feel the fire of affection, The warm glow of being seen, And yet we’re still left hoping For an expression that convinces Where passion and romance fail, Where pain embraces beauty. Love. Like the baby in a womb; Breathing yet unborn, Cradled in affection, A new hope and reward. Like the Father Standing with his son, As waves break upon the shore A life raised into fullness Sheltered from the storm. Like the boy who learns to carry The one who cradled him before, Who holds his mother like a treasure As his duty and reward. I have heard a story Ancient words, retold. Of a man, the face of Love Who chose death instead of thrones. And there, the fullest love displayed In sacrifice, upon the the day Jesus Christ, the son of God Lay down in my grave. Love that never ends is given when a man lays down his own life for a friend.

Cross Equals Love

The truest love

We wanted to produce a film that would join the growing movement of 'Cross Equals Love' around the Easter season. As an empathetic approach to a non-Christian audience, we wanted the script to answer the real question that secular humanity was asking, "What is love?" The vignette stories show examples of human relationship where sacrifice is in play - a single father, a pregnant mother, a teenage son looking after his sick mother - suggesting that we all experience shadows of sacrificial love that point towards the fullest expression being Jesus laying down his life at the cross for us.