How to Survive After Divorce

Helping Those Struggling After Divorce

Divorce is painful. And every year, thousands of people find themselves searching for answer on how to survive after divorce. Kathy was one day away from her 20th anniversary when she got the phone call from her husband saying it was over. It's a moment that started her down the road of learning how to cope with divorce.

If you know someone who is experiencing the pains of divorce, it's our hope to tell them this— that they are loved and cherished by Jesus and that he wants to walk with them through this. And that with him, there is hope!

How to Survive After Divorce


One of our CV North America Content Team members grew up knowing Kathy and her husband at the church they attended. When the tragic news of their divorce broke, he knew that they had to get in touch. It needs to be stated that this video would not have been made without Kathy. When she first connected with CV, the timing wasn't right to tell her story. But all in God's timing (and more than two years after the fact), she said "Yes" and came in to share her story. It's our hope that people walk away impacted and reach out to connect as they navigate how to survive after divorce walking in a relationship with Jesus.