مش لوحدك

These are some letters from people were thinking of suicide and one of the Youth Pastors is replying to them and telling that You are not alone. God is here for you.

دي شوية رسايل من ناس فكرت في الانتحار وايه الأسباب اللي خلتهم يفكروا كده. وفيه رسالة بيقدمها قسيس للشباب بيقول فيها ان الله معك حتى في أصعب المواقف. انت مش لوحدك علشان كده اختار الحياة بدل الموتز

مش لوحدك

How we get the content of this video

We made a post on Facebook asking "Did you think before in suicide? and why?" and we promised to keep the privicay for anyone sending us his story, and also took the permission to use these stories in making a video. We communicate with one of the well known youth pastor in Egypt and sent him these messages to reply it in the video.