انت وبس

We all make a wish list and ask it from God. But we should ask God Himself and trust what He is doing even if it is the opposite of what we wished for.

في حاجات طلبتها قبل كده من ربنا بس ماحصلتش أو حصل عكسها؟
اتفرج على الفيديو ده وشاركه مع حد تاني لو مريت بظروف شبه دي

انت وبس

Why this video?

A lot of people felt that all their wishes for 2020 has destoyed because of the Covid so they start 2021 with disapontment. So we are delivering a message that it is not about the wish list you've asked for but it is about being with God who is walking with us through the journey of life.