Beauty Out of Brokenness | A Navajo Reservation Story

Hope for the Hopeless

"Beauty out of brokenness."

For Seth, that phrase is a reality. Growing up on the Navajo Reservation meant that he and his family were confronted with brokenness all around them. But after making the decision to end his life, he thought to himself "Where do I go when I die?"

What happened next began as a reasonable wrestling with the text of the Bible and eventually with its God that claimed to have lived, died, and resurrected. Over time, Seth began to realize that we all have this baggage that we carry... but only Jesus could lift it.

Beauty Out of Brokenness | A Navajo Reservation Story

Reaching the Unreached

CV North America partnered with a resident filmmaker in Dallas, TX, to bring this piece online. Knowing Seth and his wife Sarah, their contact struck a deal to tell their testimony through the lens of hopelessness. We're proud of the result and pray that it continues to touch people both on and off the Navajo Reservation in Window Rock, AZ.