The Name That Separates

A modern-day story of Jacob wrestling with the angel

Leah finds herself at the center of an investigation after she becomes the only known survivor to encounter a mysterious being. In order to make sense of the tragic events in her life, questions begin to rise as to why she was chosen by the supernatural entity and how was she able to survive.

The Name That Separates

"It's because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared" (Gen 32:30)

This project is a modern take on the story from the book of Genesis where Jacob wrestles with the angel. In the film, Leah mirrors Jacob as she battles with a supernatural being while in the midst of grieving the death of her son. The story is an allegory communicating the importance of engaging with God in our pain, growth, and healing. It was produced by the CV North America team, and is intended to be viewed in the context of other materials. To unpack the full Biblical parallels, be sure to check out the supplementary Behind the Scenes content and Teaching Guide!