What is Happiness? (US VOICE)

A search for lasting fulfillment

"What is happiness?" Most of us think we know the answer. Happiness is just whatever it is that makes us happy... right? But if that were true, why do we all experience a growing emptiness inside of us when that's all we seek? Maybe we were created for something more.

What is Happiness? (US VOICE)

Happiness vs. Joy

When our North America team discovered that over 190K people google "what's the meaning of life" and other related phrases every month, they knew something had to be done. Thankfully, our team in the Ukraine had already done the ground work when they created their video "Что такое настоящее счастье?". This video is a collaboration between our two teams with an ocean of separation between them and has yielded incredible results for those who are looking to differentiate between short-term satisfaction and the lasting fulfillment that only comes through the joy of knowing Christ as Savior.