Abused as a child | Margaret's story

Maggie's astonishing story of forgiveness and reconciliation.

From the age of three, Margaret McGuckin was regularly verbally and physically abused at a
children’s home in Northern Ireland, until she was told by one of the nuns she had to leave aged just eleven. This is Margaret’s astonishing, transformational story of how she went from being an angry young woman in prison, to be the leader of a charity set up to give a voice to victims of historic abuse in Northern Ireland.

Abused as a child | Margaret's story

Why make a film about institutional abuse?

Maggie's experience caused her to be full of anger. She was disillusioned with a God she thought was full of hate and anger. Her journey into true relationship with Him gave her the miraculous ability to forgive those how abused her as a child. Filmed in documentary style, with archive footage of 'The Troubles', this compelling short film deals with forgiveness and reconciliation.