Playing The Long Ball - Soccer World Cup 2018

Powered on by his love for soccer and inspired by World Cup heroes like Neymar, Kyle’s story shows us what can happen when we choose the path of focus, forgiveness and faith.

At a very young age, Kyle – a talented footballer from the gang-infested neighbourhood of Lavender Hill, Cape Town – experienced what no eight year-old should ever have to come face to face with. His father was stabbed to death, which led to this youngster having to fend for himself without much support. His is a timely World Cup story, demonstrating how stars can be born out of the most adverse and painful situations life can bring.

Playing The Long Ball - Soccer World Cup 2018

Soccer World Cup 2018

Gangsterism in Cape Town, South Africa has increased tremendously over the years. Woman, Men and Children fall victim daily. Sadly, the innocent suffers the consequences. This is a true-life story of an eight-year-old young innocent child who witnessed his own father’s death.