Why Am I So Angry?

Helping Seekers Heal From Their Anger

"We get angry with people at work, in our personal lives, and, if we're honest, we get angry with ourselves." In this video, we take a look at our response to the difficulties that life throws at us. It seems like there are some days where it never lets up and our only response is to get angry. It's a feeling that leaves us wanting. Where we once desired control, we now find ourselves longing for peace. How can we break this cycle?

Why Am I So Angry?

Addressing the Keyword "Anger"

We wrote several scripts addressing the topic of Anger. In this fourth and final video in the series, we address the subtopic question, "Why am I so angry?" We know that life can be really really hard and that some days never seem to let up. That's why we wanted to address this question directly. So many people struggle with the topic of anger in their lives and lose themselves to a cycle of anger, isolation, repeat. We know that God longs to set us free from this cycle and that Jesus is the giver of peace we're looking for.