A Message To My Older Self

What if you could hear the things you said about yourself when you were younger? What if you could reignite the dreams you once had but seem impossible now? If you've found yourself sometimes wishing you could turn back the hands of time, this video is for you.

There are times we're haunted by regrets about the things we did that we shouldn't have done or the things we didn't do that we should have done. Regardless of the regrets you carry in your life, it's never too late to start again.

A Message To My Older Self

Live Your Dream

What if we could talk to the younger version of ourselves? Would we have fulfilled all we dreamt off as a child? Would we like what we’ve become? These are the questions at the heart of the video, which is meant to remind us of the things we might have lost over the years - whether that be our hopes, aspirations or even our faith. The reminder is meant especially for those who believed in Jesus in their youth and forgot about their beliefs as they aged. Maybe you’re not happy with who you’ve become. Maybe it’s time to look back and retrace your steps. Maybe it’s time to find Jesus again. He offers a second chance at doing life the right way.