思念 —— 当失去所爱之人

Grief Takes It's Toll

生活中当失去亲人后,新的现实是难以言喻的痛苦。 昼思夜想,是摆脱不开的悲伤。但是,耶稣就在你身旁,他曾经历过悲伤和孤独。 他和你坐在一起,他和你一起哭泣。他是你的安慰。

思念 —— 当失去所爱之人

Repurposed Localized CIS Video Into An Animation

Originally, this video was North America's localized version of CIS's "I Lost My Beloved," known to North America as "I Lost The One I Loved." The original video is one of our top performed videos in our region, so we decided to repurpose it into an animated video to reach a broader audience. The only difference we included at the end was the presence of Jesus in the midst of grief, quoting verses from the Sermon on the Mount