Why Evangelism Online Matters

Encouraging online ministry.

The global Covid-19 pandemic will forever go down in history as an experience that has changed so much about how we live and work. It has brought out the best and worst of us, and exposed needs that we never knew we had before. One of the greatest realizations many of us came to was how technology was able to help us do life in a new and interesting way. Evangelism is no different. This video will help you open your eyes to the wonderful opportunities that the digital age has brought to the church!

Why Evangelism Online Matters

Online Church

This video was created out of a need to encourage pastors and church leaders to embrace the amazing opportunities offered to them by digital media and social media platforms. Our team recognized that many people are struggling alone, especially because of the isolation brought about by lockdowns, and the best way to connect with them and give the Gospel message of hope is online.