Gunita (A Testimony of God's Grace)

This video is based on a true story, a testimony of God’s Grace.
It all revolves to the point of view of a young lady, as she reminisces her dark past: the pain, anger, and sorrow came into her sight.
She was abused and molested at a very young age by her own relative.
Exposed to sexual and lustful things that will satisfy her.
Broken and lost as she experienced a miserable family.
That eventually led her to enter a secret relationship to find someone who’ll accept her past.
She gave everything, but still get dumped by her lover and chose someone who she could never be.
In the middle of the night, where anxiety and depression lure her to end everything, her friend introduced Jesus to her.
She found out that though the world seems to turn its back against her and judge her past mistakes, there is Someone who will accept her wholeheartedly, love her unconditionally and forgive her.