Battle Belongs (Cover)

It's been more than a year that we've been battling the unseen and deadly threats of COVID-19. A fight that is challenging and at times seemed impossible to conquer. A year of exhaustion not just physically but emotionally. However, it is a year of testing our faith and how strong our trust in our God.
We are still in the middle of this pandemic. We live daily as if the virus is just around the corner waiting for us to take the wrong turn. All these uncertainties are now part of the "new normal". We have learned to live in fear but with God's love surrounding us, we have the assurance that there is nothing to worry for we are safe with Him.
Daily we fight our own battles. We may struggle to keep standing but when life gets too hard sometimes that we fall on our knees; not knowing it is the best position to lay our fears to God. There is nothing impossible with God! Let Him fight for you for the Battle Belongs to the Lord!

Video concept and performance by: Alvin Paver