Greg & Tom Talk About God

While the world dissolves into crisis with an impending meteorite strike, Greg and Tom have a laid back conversation about the legitimacy of God and why he doesn't force us to love him.

We all need friends who like to go deep on tough questions. If you don't have those friends then Greg and Tom are here for you.

Greg & Tom Talk About God

An observable conversation

Greg and Tom Talk About God was birthed from a season for our creative team where we focused on writing scripts for people that we knew personally, to ensure we were creating films that could be used in real scenarios. The premise for this film was the idea of Didactic or "educational" theatre. Traditionally, this style was implemented to teach a concept to the audience by getting them to observe the characters wrestling with a particular idea, and in doing so, the audience also considers what their perspective on the concept might be. Rather than explicitly addressing the topic of the existence of God and the nature of free will and unconditional love head on, we see Greg and Tom debating this topic. The idea is that as we observe this conversation, we begin to form our own ideas and response to the topic. Our heart is that this approach would set up any Christian who shares this video with a great platform to begin a healthy conversation with a friend.