Helping Seekers Find Forgiveness

Forgiveness. It's a big topic. Whether we're looking to forgive ourselves or others, holding onto un-forgiveness can do more damage to us and our relationships. But God does not leave us in our distress. In fact, he has a plan for dealing with un-forgiveness and it's found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Come see how by having a relationship with Jesus, you can find freedom in forgiveness for both yourself and others!


Addressing the Keyword "Forgiveness"

Our North America team took a trip to the center of The Golden State (Exeter, CA) to interview one of our church pastor's and his interactions with seekers online through our CV Outreach platform. While there, Pastor Michael helped us address several topics: the Gospel, Forgiveness, and the role of the Holy Spirit. This video on forgiveness has been helping seekers online address the topic from the perspective of their own role in the process of forgiveness and inviting God into the process makes all the difference.