Mother's Day

Celebrating Mom

Mother's Day. A day when we celebrate motherhood. But maybe celebrating isn't what you want to do right now. For you, it's a complicated holiday because it brings up all sorts of emotions of maybe the love you did or didn't receive from your mom. While for others, the pain of loss is too great. All of these emotions are okay and God is willing and able to engage with every single one of them. Come and listen as we engage with these things and how God has made a way for us to surrender our pain.

Mother's Day

Helping Seekers Deal with Loss & Motherhood

All celebrations can come with a mixed bag of emotions. Whether it's the fear of getting older around your birthday or pain that distance brings between family members at Thanksgiving, all holidays can carry with it some kind of emotional trauma. And for Mother's Day, many people have experienced the loss of their mothers, or have to cope with the reality of having a mom who never loved and always rejected them.