Father's Day

Celebrating Dad

Father's Day. A day when we celebrate fatherhood. But for many people, not having a father or father figure who loved them is a harsh reality. While others may be mourning the loss of their "old man" this holiday. Whatever the case, God wants to be your father. In fact, in the Bible we read about Jesus referring to God as their "heavenly father." Today, you can step into the relationship. Come join us as we take a look at the relationship that God wants to have with us.

Father's Day

Helping Seekers Deal with Absence & Fatherhood

All celebrations can come with a mixed bag of emotions. Whether it's the fear of getting older around your birthday or pain that distance brings between family members at Thanksgiving, all holidays can carry with it some kind of emotional trauma. And for Father's Day, many people have experienced the absence of their fathers, or have to cope with the reality of never having a father figure in their lives at all.