Callie: Where Is God in Suffering?

God & Suffering

After a number of complications, Kevin and Callie Colwick were losing hope of ever having a second child. But just when things started to look up for them, they entered into a new battle of life and death as Callie fought to keep her son and, eventually, her own life.

Callie: Where Is God in Suffering?

Helping Seekers Address the Topic of Suffering

Our North America office first heard about Kevin and Callie Colwick in 2017 when they were told of Callie's situation from a former employee who had asked the office to pray, fearing the worst. Months went by with no real update. Fast forward to 2019 when our team brought Callie in, having survived sepsis, survived, her time in the ICU, and was now in recovery back home. The couple's willingness to step into the studio and relay their testimony was unbelievably beautiful. Their story, we hope, will influence people for years to come with a message of hope of God's faithfulness even during the hardest and most challenging moments of our lives. Suffering is not the end of our story. God's still writing it.