What are the Core Christian Beliefs?

Teaching Seekers About Core Beliefs In Christianity

What makes Christianity distinctive and unique? There are so many belief systems out there. Some that even teach that Jesus was a good person, a prophet, and teacher. So, what do Christians believe? More importantly, even beyond beliefs themselves, does Christianity teach that you can have a personal relationship with Jesus today? Come and listen as Pastor Daniel answers these questions and more!

What are the Core Christian Beliefs?

Addressing the Keyword "Core Beliefs"

We wrote several scripts addressing various keywords like "core beliefs of Christianity." In this one, we partnered with Pastor Daniel to help Seekers address the subtopic of "What are the Core Christian Beliefs?" in which Pastor Daniel heads up the conversation on what Christians believe and, more importantly, what the Christianity teaches us about the person and work of Jesus and how seekers enter into a relationship with God through him today.