I'm Divorced. Now What?

Where is the hope in divorce?

You probably didn't ever think you would get to this point. Whether this season means a new life for you, or it means a season of grief, this isn't the end of your story. Through a relationship with God, he wants to give you a fresh start, a place to feel peace and rest. The hope that God can offer you can take you further than you could ever think. Watch this video to gain more clarity on the hope of God.

I'm Divorced. Now What?

Originally inspired by a Blog Post from CV South Africa

Divorce is common in North America. When we read the blog post from South Africa, we thought it communicate hope to those suffering from the repercussions of divorce. We decided to make a video based on the original content and put it on our Landing Pages in our Google Ad Grant for people looking to the internet to help them after their divorce and hear the hope Jesus can bring them.