John M. Perkins' Story

Dr John M. Perkins' experience of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

In this compelling short film, civil rights activist Dr. John M. Perkins explains how he was able to forgive those who killed his brother and who almost beat him to death. He experienced extreme injustice and brutality in his life and those around him, but it was the realisation of hatred towards those who hated him that made him see his situation in a new light. Watch the video and listen to John M. Perkins' share in his own words, his journey of forgiveness and redemption.

John M. Perkins' Story

Loved by those you are supposed to hate

Redemption - The John M. Perkins Story, a documentary of civil rights, justice, family & forgiveness, was Produced and Directed by Greg Fromholz. This shorter 10min version was edited especially for CV / yesHEis to highlight the positive impact forgiveness can have on the forgiver.