Hanging on by a Thread | Navigating Anxiousness

An Animation on Anxiousness

When we're anxious, it can feel like the world is closing in around us. Some days we’re barely hanging on by a thread, worried about the future and wondering if it’ll ever end. Our thoughts spiral, as stress, fear, and anxiousness bombard our daily lives.

When you find yourself in this cycle of hopelessness, know this— there is a Prince of Peace who can calm the storms of your life. And with him, you'll find hope and a new perspective.

Hanging on by a Thread | Navigating Anxiousness

Ministering to an Anxious World

It had been on the hearts of our North America team to create an animation that addressed the deep need that many in our world face today – the need for peace when all we feel is anxiousness. Our team had originally reached out to an animator back in November 2020 having been working on the concept for several months. They finally got the deliverable in February of the next year and were excited to launch it "into the wild." Our hope for this piece is that, by showing the journey of a young woman falling through all of her worries and emotions as they rush over her, we're helping direct people to the person and work of Jesus Christ and how he is the answer to what they are looking for. He is the Prince of Peace!