But... Who Are You Really?

Radio host, Dave Matthews, goes on a search to find the real identity of a random stranger, through the fog of their social media profile.

If you judged someone you didn’t know completely based on their social media profile - then had a coffee with them and shared who you thought they were - how right would you be?

But... Who Are You Really?

Who is the real YOU?

We live in a world where the identity we project on social media may be completely different from the person who we are in our everyday lives. Within this landscape we wanted to explore the effect that superficial perceptions can have on our judgement of not only people, but Jesus. If we judge people superficially, maybe we're also judging Jesus superficially. So we threw our local radio presenter, Dave Matthews, into a social experiment where we challenged him to judge a local social media influencer completely based on his Instagram profile. He then caught up with him in person to share his perceptions, but also dig a little deeper into who they really were. The outcome was authentic and fascinating.