A Marriage Restored | Hope for Hurting Marriages

On the Verge of Divorce

Marriage is tough. It takes work, it takes time, and sometimes even hope to keep things together.

But you know what? Jesus Christ has the power to mend broken marriages.

This video shares the story of one couple who’s marriage was restored and gives hope for those with hurting marriages.

A Marriage Restored | Hope for Hurting Marriages

God's Love Sustains

Having kept a close eye on the numbers, our CV North America team concluded that the need for a video on 'marriage' was a real need in their region. With over 170K people online every month searching for answers to tough questions about marriage, they felt God's call to act. Having found a couple who was willing to share their testimony infused with God's incredible love, they were able to record this video which has helped generate over 12,550 responses! And now, you can see their story animated.