Beneath the Surface

Overcoming insecurity with visible facial scars

It’s easy to ask God, “Why me?" "Why did you place this burden on me?" "Why did you give me this scar?" "Why do I have to look this certain way?" "Why do I have to be different from everyone else?”

Lindsey was born with a unique birthmark that required specialized medical attention. The resulting surgery left her with facial scars that altered her appearance for life. Though she grew up looking different than others, Lindsey's scars no longer define her. This is her story.

Beneath the Surface

A video for those struggling with self-worth & self-image

CV North America first found out about Lindsey's story through their mutual connection with the Initiative Network in Dallas, TX. The North America team felt that Lindsey's testimony would resonate with individuals struggling with self-worth, self-image, and identity, and decided to create this video to share with those searching for help online.